Friday Nights

They had chased eerily different paths. Some were in marketing, a few in farming, and a majority in what they call hustle .. nothing definite. They would transport potatoes to Mombasa one day and be on the queue at Harambee house processing new business names for some clients the next day. It was the name of the game. Staying amorphous so as to maintain leverage.

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The Dead Talk

He couldn’t wait for the eulogies; ‘who would go first?’ he wondered. At least there was no politician to ramp and rile up the masses to their favour ahead of the elections a few months away. They were all crying all right, not for the loss of the person that he was, but for the person that he would have been-the person they wanted him to be. There was a hidden disappointment in their faces. Continue reading The Dead Talk

Black tux

It has been fashioned as black tax in the states, Here we simply call it kurudisha mkono. We have a responsibility to step in for our families when our economic lights shine brighter. But just how much can one go in as far as giving back to the community that brought you up. Do you forsake your own existence at the behest of your lineage who could be struggling financially. Do you give yourself to the last drop of blood in your attempt of donating to an ailing friend. Continue reading Black tux