A Tumbler and the Shore

And no, that misconception about Mombasa kindness is a façade, a deliberate attempt at twisting the truth. The touts compete with our Nairobi ones for rudeness only that there they’ll comfortably refer to you as your gonads without even flinching. And they say it loudly as if they are preaching or winning masses for the 2022 elections. Continue reading A Tumbler and the Shore


I tend to think that I never mourned him well or enough. When all the ululations nearly competed for prominence in our compound, I went towards the dogs kernel, held Bosco’s palm and commanded her into silence as I gently scrubbed her mane as she was visibly perturbed by the huge number of people in our compound…. I wanted to tell her, “Oh darling, I have just lost my dad,” but I wasn’t sure yet if dogs felt our pain. Continue reading Papa