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I will call him Mogaka, a fiery; because of the fire in his eyes when he turned to face the motorists; daring them to go past him if they could. Well played Mogaka, in the middle of the road on a bridge; only guard rails separating success of such an attempt from a deep plunge into the river Continue reading Voices


7.00am. Not a minute late. This profession required just the discipline.   Nobody cared whether you got stuck on the Ngong road traffic each morning. Or whether you had to traverse that stretch of the Kenya railways field from Makadara into Industrial area on foot. The rules were clear. You don’t afford an argument with the gate-men…. they had express privilege to send your late ass … Continue reading Axed!

I Quit!

I was almost giving up hope on mankind, on all humanity until he passed me over my phone on alighting from that tuktuk. “Bro, umeangusha simu,” his hand outstretched. Hiding my bemusement, I extended my regards with a statement that ended with, “…God bless you.” “No, thank you. See, I don’t believe so much in that God of yours,.. the same one you invoke punishment … Continue reading I Quit!

Shady Streets

He enters the room with the confidence of a beast-slayer, in an unadulterated gait. His wide towering shoulders remind you as much. He doesn’t wait for introductions; he dishes them out. He is unfazed by the environment whatsoever. As always, his mission is to execute that role which has been entrusted to him. Room 102 on the 17th floor is where the day’s adventure leads. … Continue reading Shady Streets

The Wedlock Crack

The ceremony was memorable; celebrated by the entire village, because villagers cared not whether the groom could put the ring on the right finger, nobody cared whether the bride was grinning from ear to ear on the dais or if she were an old grumpy bear. As long as they had their share of fun and food, nothing else mattered. It went down as the marriage ceremony of the year. Continue reading The Wedlock Crack