Locked Up

I was brought up right; so, unlike other Kenyans, I present myself whenever summoned as opposed to running. What everyone else is accustomed to. In my mind, I had nothing to worry about, this was simply a uniformed human wanting to share a word with us. It was when we approached him however that the narrative changed ; two other men, ununiformed this time Continue reading Locked Up


I woke up early enough. Earlier than those guys who pin ‘Daktari wa mapenzi kutoka kitui’ posters on our electricity poles. Everything seemed right until we approached that poorly constructed intersection on the beautiful Outering road that ushers you to Route 1960(Kayole) proper. I always feel like the contractors ran out of steam at that junction. There was a traffic snarl up. Not uncommon in this city Continue reading F.Y.I


There was a day I was seated in an otherwise full matatu waiting for its departure. The tout outside was relentlessly calling out passengers into his ‘full matatu.’ An entry was substituted by a corresponding exit and an increased voice urging more people in, to the tune of five touts. Some bang the body of the sorry vehicle while others formed a duet of calling … Continue reading Five